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Natural IVF & OHSS

Did you know that patients with a history of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) can greatly reduce or eliminate the risk of hyperstimulation through the use of Natural IVF?

When struggling with infertility challenges, most people face additional challenges such as the effects of stimulation medications and the high costs of traditional fertility treatments. We recognize how confusing the barrage of information can be when searching the Internet for Natural IVF treatments, which is why The Center for Natural IVF is dedicated to providing a clear path for those seeking to undergo in-vitro fertilization in a way that is simpler, more "natural" and less expensive. Although the term "Natural IVF" is anything but "natural" the term has become synonymous with fertility protocols that require little to no medications.

The most effective treatment for women facing infertility issues is to undergo a traditional stimulated in vitro fertilization cycle. However, in response to increasing demand, we have tailored the services at The Center for Natural IVF to help patients understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of the variations in the no stimulation and low-dose protocols. This website summarizes a number of important natural IVF treatment plans and references. Because of the complexity and variability in success, your reproductive endocrinologist can help you interpret the studies and determine which course of action is best for your needs.

Before you proceed with a Natural IVF protocol, it is vitally important that you understand not only the financial implications of a "natural" treatment plan, but also understand that the likelihood of achieving pregnancy is significantly reduced. In fact, because of the reduced pregnancy rate and other controversy surrounding minimally stimulated IVF cycles, many IVF centers do not offer these types of treatment protocols. As a leader in the field of reproductive medicine, our center desires to provide the most comprehensive fertility services and treatments available, including Natural IVF treatment protocols. Even though Natural IVF will not be right for everyone, many patients take comfort in knowing that they may be provided such a comprehensive fertility services offering all from one center – The Center for Natural IVF, at IVF FLORIDA.

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Treatment Options


IVM is an emerging technology that is relatively new to the field of human fertility treatment. The underlying tenet of IVM is that, during the natural course of a woman's menstrual cycle, immature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries and are matured in the laboratory for several days.

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Truly Natural IVF

Truly Natural IVF implies the complete absence of drugs. In a normal menstrual cycle, a single follicle containing a single egg develops. This approach relies on the monitoring of the development of this follicle and the proper timing of its retrieval from the ovary.

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Fertility News

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    The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies has released the most recent data regarding IVF outcomes for clinics from across the U.S.

  • ASRM Launches ReproductiveFacts.org

    The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has launched a website dedicated to providing the most current and unbiased information on reproductive medicine.

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